Science Labs

Report on School Science Laboratories:

CIS has four different laboratories for three for the experimental sciences viz. Physics, Chemistry and Biology and one a General Lab. All laboratories are equipped with the necessary infrastructure and facilities required to conduct regular classes, experiments, investigations and examinations which are at par with the international standards set by both CAIE and IBDP.

Other than having a wide range of instruments, equipments and chemicals, two sets of electronic data logger instrument and various probes are also available in the labs which facilitates easy conduct of several experiments, projects and research works which are required particularly in the IBDP Group-4 curriculum. It also helps the students to develop and apply 21st century communication skills in the field of sciences. Students also have access to graph plotting software (Compatible with data logger), Spreadsheet, internet databases and simulation software through their laptops. Fast Wi-Fi connection and projectors are also available for teachers and students to use.

The labs are also equipped with safety standards which meet the expectations of CAIE and IB. Emergency protocols and fire, chemical and electrical safety symbols are on display inside the labs. The store and preparation rooms are adjacent to the main teaching area that allows safe storage and easy transportation of chemicals and instruments to the science labs. Emergency eye-wash and showers are present in the Chemistry and Biology labs. Sessions on lab safety and emergency protocols are organized with all students. Work on chemical waste management is currently in progress.