ECA’s – The Extracurricular Activities at CIS campus
The First Step to Career Building – Shaping Future
Extracurricular activities play an important role in bringing about diversity in adolescent lives and futures. Exposure to diverse groups can help promote adolescents to become socially intelligent and responsible adults. The focus of ECA and Community outreach programmes in CIS has been to build positive relationships synergising intellectual and psychosocial development, multicultural competence, interpersonal skills, and leadership. The school has made an endeavor towards creating a multicultural competent environment for diverse student populations allowing them to engage and carry into adulthood, a social and cultural competence which will create a better understanding of an increasingly globalized and flat world. ECA has afforded a platform to develop different skills, follow your hobby pursuits and passions under the expert tutelage of coaches of repute across ten disciplines. This being a graded subject brings in an element of assessing oneself constantly and opening an avenue of choosing one of these activities as a professional option. ECA provides a choice of skill development by way of contact sports like Basketball and Football to improve upon footwork, agility and hand eye coordination. For those with a bent of analytical and strategic thinking Chess is offered. To build on an incline towards creative arts Photography and Drama option and those with an interest in performance arts we provide Western Dance, to encourage musical intelligence we offer Guitar as a musical instrument. We understand the need of today’s world of self defense hence offer a martial arts form, Taekwondo. For the gadget lovers who have a knack for technology and engineering we also have the option of Robotics which will help them to decide on a career opportunity in the long run.

ECA as a separate after school discipline has inculcated an element of excitement for children to break away from their academic pursuits and hone up skills in a field which is close to their heart. We have noticed many a hobby blossom into a career option after graduating from school.