Art Room

The Art students have privilege to work freely in this Art room which may be identified as a real Art atelier. Students from class 9, 10, A level and IBDP work in this room regularly.

From Classic to Modern: Towards Creative Composition

Students learn the classic method of drawing, on paper with charcoal or black pencil, heightened with white marking. They explore transparent as well as opaque paint medias to execute their ‘Still Life’ paintings under spot lights.

Students learn how to observe and how to execute their observation on the papers. They learn human figure drawing and painting too.

From these technical skills development they move towards their own ‘composition’, creating conceptual space. They begin their journey of Art making.

They do many media exploration to progress their journey. They conceptualize themes and paint them.

Graphics and Print making:

Students starts learning basic ‘Graphics’ and they continue till its digital form. A series of simple design exercises to further understanding of the Principles of Design and how each can be developed within a structured composition.

Lino print making is an amazing process to learn graphics well. A Lino print results when a piece of linoleum has had pieces cut out of it, been inked and been printed. Here students make linoleum block prints.

2D to 3D:

From painting 2D surface students experiments on collage making. Collage making leads towards more addition of more 3D objects which leads towards ‘Assemblages’. Assemblage to big installations….an unique transformation, students are able to discover themselves in this whole journey.

Clay modeling is another 3D area where students enjoy a lot.

Students also do packaging and model making sessions here. Fashion Designing comes also into art making practice.

Students get exposure to Photography and video making here.

Art Theory and Curatorial practice:

Students are taught about History of Art and the critical analysis of different Genre of Art evolution. They also prepare their own projects and present their research on Art theories.

Senior Board goers prepare their own research and their ‘Rationale’ for own exhibitions.