CIS Management

Dr. Munmun Nath

Principal Senior School

Calcutta International School is a home away from home. It provides a happy and safe learning environment for all students within its portals. The primary focus of our child-centric education is nurturing the individuality of every pupil. It is our endeavour to facilitate an education that is learner centric and holistic.

Analysing the era our children are growing up in, we believe that education and assessment should be focused on the development and evaluation of skills so that the students are future ready.

We provide the students with varied opportunities and experiences making them sensitive to the society and the environment, as well as connecting them to the real world of work. For this purpose, we organise community service programmes, internship and entrepreneurship initiatives. Student exchange programmes, inter and intra school MUN, school fests, sports events and a plethora of cocurricular activities are planned where students can display and imbibe skills like leadership, organization, international mindedness and team spirit.

Overnight excursions, IAYP(International Award for Young People) and field trips are a part of the annual school calendar.

The mental wellbeing of our students is a priority for us and we have two counsellors who conduct individual as well as group sessions. We also arrange workshops by professionals for students for their mental fitness and general awareness. The Special Educational Need department works with the students across school from grades Prenursery to 12, developing requisite skills they need to cope with the demands of the curriculum.

The school offers a range of extra curricular activities after school hours for the all-round development of the students. The school has a college placement cell which works with the students from grade 6 and guides and counsels them to find a right fit college. We carry out extensive teacher training programmes as we know good teachers are the real asset of the school.

CIS works towards grooming students so that they become successful, balanced, lifelong learners and can make a difference in their lives as well as life of others.

We are guided by the quote, “Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners’. – John Holt

Mrs. Pratima Nayar

Principal Junior School

The greatest joy of being a school teacher is that one gets to interact with young people every single day. There can be nothing more rewarding than working with young minds who keep us on our toes with their creativity, innocence, sense of fun and most often their ability to think so very differently and positively than adults. Students always keep us young in our mind and heart! Allowing a child the opportunity to grow and develop in a cheerful and congenial environment is the aim of our school. Children look forward to coming to school, which reflects a sense of belonging and a focussed commitment to learning. It gives the students an opportunity to face challenges, overcome hurdles and experience success.

The vibrant atmosphere at Calcutta International School, as a result of an intermingling of multiple cultures and nationalities, help students to understand and respect thoughts, practices and beliefs that are global.

Along with academics, athletics, extra and co-curricular activities, ethics and character building play an equally important role in our school. Integrating living values into the teaching system, and emphasizing the practice of these values in daily interactions and community services is given priority from the early years at Calcutta International School. By cultivating universal core values such as Peace, Respect, Love, Harmony and Compassion we empower our children to consolidate an individual moral fibre.

The biggest challenge faced by students today is that they are subject to a time of tremendous change. We are moving from an information – scarce society to an information overloaded society. In such a scenario, skills like problem solving, effective communication and critical thinking have become increasingly important. Calcutta International School endeavours to inculcate these skills through a learner centric holistic education and a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach to teaching and learning. We believe that 'Happy People make a Happy School'. Care and Share – that is what makes the CIS family special.