An Usual Day

A Monday morning at CIS… The school is throbbing with activity as the children return to school after the weekend. The excitement in the air is infectious. Some of the children are seen busy on the basketball court and the football field. It’s a new week and a new beginning. The Junior,Middle and Senior school students hold their assembly, while the primary school children get ready for circle time and news sharing. Sharing news is an integral part of the school curriculum. The children are encouraged to talk about what they did over the weekend and about the latest happenings around the world. Every child gets an opportunity to share his/her ‘news’ with peers and the teacher. Language and Mathematics constitute an important part of the daily timetable at CIS. CIS children enjoy and look forward to their usual day in school. The informal atmosphere helps in nurturing the child to develop into a confident individual with a curious mind. The school offers a wide range of Extra-curricular activities these begin at 3.15 pm continu till 4.15 pm. The children look forward to these activities which help them de-stress and also complement their learning.