Student Speak


“Calcutta International School is one of the premier academic institutions that offers an incomparable International Curriculum. From offering extracurricular activities such as football and basketball, to competing you to take part in the various clubs, their holistic approach to school life helps it stand out. I believe, there is a strong sense of community and familiarity in CIS helps you to handle the academic rigour. It is common to find students having intellectual discussions over coffee with their teachers.Furthermore, the SAT tuitions and career counselling offered in CIS ensures that its students not only go to the best universities, but also that suits their needs.”

Shaurya Saboo, IB Diploma Batch of 2019

“Calcutta International School has the distinction of being one of the city’s premier institutions offering an international-standard education. Transitioning from CIS to the US’s college education system felt effortless. This was because the curriculum at CIS follows internationally-accepted standards. The teachers at CIS focused not only on the material they taught, but also the application of that material in real life situations. CIS empowers its students to think out of the box and really understand the importance of what is being taught in the classroom. It fosters a unique academic mindset that stays with students for the remainder of their lives.”

Akash Majumdar. A Level Batch of 2015

“What I like best about CIS is the individual attention that the teachers and staff gives the students. Teachers are not only interested in my academic progress but are also interested in my growth as an individual and have always been around to give advice and to support me. There are great facilities and a friendly atmosphere. CIS organises multiple events each year which has made my time here really enjoyable. There is always something to do at school as there are a wide range of extra curricular activities that one can participant in.”

Priyadarshini Chatterjee, A Levels Batch of 2017.

“Calcutta International school is much more than the four walls of the classroom and the boundaries of its campus. The teachers have taught me to be independent and have unlocked the creativity and resourcefulness that I have gained in the past 13 years. Calcutta International school has given me the freedom that every student should receive and I cherish the bond between the students and the teacher at C.I.S. It has always been more of a home than a school where the teachers have always supported us and shown us the correct pathway. With the diversity of the curriculum followed in C.I.S, I get the right to choose a variation among the subjects I wish to pursue and the ones I’m interested in. I’m thankful to my teachers and the the faculty members for making me the person who I am today.”

Vijayant Mehra, A Levels. Batch of 2019

“When I first joined CIS I couldn’t fit in, I felt like I didn’t belong here. But as time passed this school has taught me the importance of individuality in true sense. You don’t need to be similar to fit here, you need to be different. Just one year in this school has taught me about self-discipline, perseverance and responsibility. It has given me opportunities to explore and pursue what fascinates me and more importantly it has helped me with my pursuit.”

Harsh Banthia , IB Diploma, Batch of 2018

“From a cosy little building at 18, Lee Road to this sprawling present-day campus, our school stands strong. CIS has taught us far beyond what lies in our books. It has helped build our characters, explore new fields and find our goals.”

Shambhabi Raha

“I have been in CIS for almost 10 years and have loved it since the first day. Adults tell me our school years are the best part of our lives, and because of CIS, I agree with them. I think CIS is the BEST and this thanks to all my teachers and friends.”

Gillian Hugh

“C.S. Lewis once said that a teacher’s job is not to cut down the forest, but to irrigate the desert. My teachers, my leaders have never given up on me and never will. They put in my heart the right morals, the right amount of ambition and the drive for perfection.”

Jonathan Rice