Overview of Middle Section

The Middle Section of Calcutta International School stresses on learner-centred view of education. Through the years in this section the students acquire the skills and knowledge in a caring and secure environment. The CAIE Lower Secondary curriculum is followed in English, Mathematics and Science in Grades 6, 7 and 8. The curriculum engages the learners, encourages them to be innovative, creative and reflective. The learners emerge as confident and responsible individuals.

The other areas covered at this level are History, Geography, ICT, local languages such as Hindi and Bengali. In addition to English and the local regional languages, the students also have the option of language skills acquisition in certain European Languages such as French, Spanish, German and some Asian Languages such as Mandarin and Korean. At the end of the Middle School years, the students are able to speak, read, comprehend and write in the language of their choice.

Other than English, Mathematics and Science, in all other subjects the curricula are designed by the well trained and equipped faculty, headed by the Heads of the Departments. The syllabus covers the content and skills the students must be equipped with to meet the requirements of the IGCSE level.

Learning by doing – experiential learning lies at the core of the entire learning process. Outbound activities such as local area study, Investigative Research Projects, Cross Curricular learning, integrated and multidisciplinary approach to learning, concept driven learning rather than content driven learning makes knowledge acquisition in the Middle Section a completely engaging experience. The student is ready and confident to meet the new challenges.

The assessment of learning is done through formative and summative methods. Through the quiz contests, elocution contests in the different languages, the students emerge as confident public speakers. While debating on issues they learn to reason, reflect and offer their opinion.

The Visual Art and Craft curriculum, the Music curriculum and the Drama curriculum tend to the creative minds and they are exposed to the wide variety of opportunities these fields may offer later in their higher studies.

Physical Education and Games form an integral part of the child’s growing years. The child becomes a healthy, active and well rounded individual who is able to function effectively and efficiently as an individual and in teams.

A student of Middle Section is encouraged to take up at least one extra-curricular activity for a holistic development. The indoor activities such as Chess and Robotics train the minds to focus and sharpen the reasoning skills. The Photography classes are a delight to any child who loves to observe, explore, experience and capture the memorable moments. Guitar classes are engaging for the students who are keen in instrumental music. Football and Basketball are the all time favourite sports for this highly energetic and enthusiastic age group.