Admissions Process

Admission to CIS is open to all students, whether a foreign national or one of Indian nationality.

As CIS maintains a very good teacher to student ratio (approximately 1:10, one of the best in the world), class sizes are restricted.

Preference is given to expatriates, foreign passport holders, and non-resident Indians, in that order. Our academic year is from June to May.

The threshold for admissions at the Pre-Nursery is three-year old. To maintain the unique character of CIS, certain numbers of seats are kept reserved for admissions to various classes throughout the year.

Application forms can be downloaded from the link below and then submitted at the school office between 9am – 2 pm. Applicants will then have to register by paying a fee of INR 5000/- which may be paid by a demand draft or by credit/debit card at the school office. Please note no payments in cash are accepted.

As a part of our admission process for classes Pre-Nursery to Upper-Nursery, once the application form is submitted, the shortlisted candidate will be called for an observation.

From class-1 onwards, shortlisted candidates have to qualify for the written admission test in Mathematics and English. Successful candidates will be called for an observation session with our school counsellor followed by an interview of parents with our Board of Governors and Management. Admission will be offered subject to successful clearance of all the above mentioned steps.

Please note any attempt to bypass the normal admission process, or directly contact any senior functionary or board member to unduly influence the normal admission process, would automatically debar the application.

Many students from other schools join CIS at the ‘A’ Levels and IB Diploma Programme, for obtaining international high school certifications, which is very helpful for their higher studies abroad. For admissions to ‘A’ Levels and the IBDP, a ‘cut-off’ mark is decided every year depending on the general performance of Class 10/ IGCSE students and the availability of seats. This is followed by the usual entrance test and interview.

Age Appropriate Criteria:

Please note the following age criteria for admissions to CIS

Primary School
Pre-Nursery 3 years on 15th August
Nursery 4 years on 15th August
Upper Nursery 5 years on 15th August
Junior School
Grade I 6 years on 15th August
Grade II 7 years on 15th August
Grade III 8 years on 15th August
Grade IV 9 years on 15th August
Grade V 10 years on 15th August
Middle School
Grade VI 11 years on 15th August
Grade VII 12 years on 15th August
Grade VIII 13 years on 15th August
Senior School
Grade IX 14 years on 15th August
Grade X 15 years on 15th August
AS Level 16 years on 15th August
IBDP 1 16 years on 15th August

It should be noted that CIS does not allow admission to students at AS level above 20 years.

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